Karen Call

Apr. 1, 1960 - Jul. 2, 2024

Date of Service: Jul. 6, 2024

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GREELEY, CO – Karen Call, a 64-year-old resident of Greeley, Colorado, formerly of Burley, passed away very peacefully, surrounded by family, on July 2, 2024, in Twin Falls.

Karen was born April 1, 1960, at the Cottage Hospital in Burley to Melvin and Enetta Call. She was the fourth of six children raised on the family farm where she learned the value of hard work by hoeing beets, changing water and helping to can in the fall.

She graduated from Burley High School, the class of 1978, where she enjoyed being on the drill team and making good friends. She went on to study cosmetology.

In 1981, she welcomed her only child, Melanie Enetta. Karen was a hard-working mom and enjoyed spending all her free time making memories with Melanie, which included many trips back to the farm in Burley; Karen loved coming home.

After living in Boise, McCall and Midway, Utah, she moved to Colorado after Melanie welcomed her first child, Levi, in 2009. Melanie had her second child, Brayton, in 2012. Karen was a fun, loving and very attentive Gram to Levi and Brayton. She spent all of her free time with Melanie, Gabe, Levi and Brayton – her family was everything to her. She enjoyed watching her grandkids compete in sports and was very involved in their lives.

Karen is survived by her father, Melvin R. Call of Burley; her only child, Melanie (Gabriel) Apple of Milliken, Colorado; grandson, Levi and granddaughter, Brayton; siblings, Leland (Judy) Call of Francis, Utah, LaRene (Steven) Woolstenhulme of St. George, Utah and Susan Tyacke of Federal Way, Washington; nieces, Kindra, Kara, Jordan, Janae and Alyssa; nephews, Chad, Coy, Ryan, Eli, Stayton and Dallas; numerous great-nephews and great-nieces; and many wonderful friends.

Karen was preceded in death by her paternal and maternal grandparents; her mother, Enetta Call; a sister, Lenee Call; a brother, Todd Call; and nephew, Shane Call.

A memorial service will be held at 2 p.m. Saturday, July 6, at the Call residence “The Farm” located at 268 W. 400 S., of Burley.

A live webcast of the Memorial Service will be available and maintained at the following link: https://youtu.be/CbhCFvDxxrg.

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Condolences for Karen Call

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From Ashli Elijah :
Another sweet soul taken from us. I met Karen at Sprouts, our home away from home, and almost every time we stepped into that store she just happened to be there to greet my 3 girls and myself with the biggest smile and a glow to her face. She would always look at my girls like they were prized possessions and treated with the utmost utter respect with such love that will radiate in our hearts forever! My experience at Sprouts will never be the same. Fly high our dear friend!
From David Aluise:
My dear and sweet friend. I'm still trying to grasp the fact that I'll never see you again. I will miss our dinners together and sharing a bottle of wine and great laughs. You were such a wonderful and kind person. I always loved it when you would bring Chief to visit me too. My prayers go out to your family. I never met them, but you talked about them all of the time, so I felt I knew them. We shall meet again one day. Go meet my mom. She will enjoy your company. I love you my friend!
From Dena Newcomb:
My heart goes out to Karen's family, at this time. Karen was a sweet spirit in so many ways, We were in the same ward for several years and I graduated with her and after that only seen her at the couple of class reunions I attended. I wish I could have gotten to see and know this other side of her. Rest in peace.
From Brendon "Jaymes" Cathalan:
You were a mother to me when I needed one. You and I sometimes butted heads as sons and moms do, but I loved you so dearly. I'll miss your explosive and loving humor, to the kind and gentle care you gave to everybody. You pushed me to grow and I will forever thank you. The hole you've left is open wide and honestly we all just miss seeing your bright smile. As our favorite thing to say, "I don't give a s***." May you be at peace with your momma,

With love.
From Diana Banana :
I don't even know what to say
Okay, here we go

My dear Karen,
I am so mad at you, but at the same time, I know you are no longer tired or in pain, and I'm glad I made you get out of the car to give me a proper hug, and I said, "I love you."
You said you'd come back, but you didn't, and now all I have are perfect, funny, unforgettable memories that I will forever cherish. You were so much more than just my manager. You were a second mom that I could go to about anything. You were there at my lowest points, telling me it would all be okay. You loved my family, you LOVED learning about my culture, and I am forever grateful to have had you in my life. I know you are resting peacefully because you are home with your momma. I LOVE YOU FOREVER AND ALWAYS, your troublemaker.
From Christa Sorensen :
Karen was a fun and loving person. She was always kind to me. She was a good person. She was very kind. She helped me understand what being a good friend is. I always looked forward to when I got to work with her when she was in the bakery the first time and a manager a second time. She always called me trouble. My last day working at Sprouts was August 5th of last year. I will miss her dearly. Prayers and sympathy for the family.
From Brendon "Jaymes" Cathalan:
You were a mother to me when I needed one. You and I sometimes butted heads as sons and moms do, but I loved you so dearly. I'll miss your explosive and loving humor, to the kind and gentle care you gave to everybody. You pushed me to grow and I will forever thank you. The hole you've left is open wide and honestly we all just miss seeing your bright smile. As our favorite thing to say, "I don't care." May you be at peace. With love.
From Abigail smith:
The most thing I'm going to miss of her always asking did I get all the carts in and all the trash before I left to go home. Well I'm going to miss her joking with me half the time and and she was a good manager being my boss from sprouts. she was good at listening to me talk about stories as when I was a kid and she's would be like why would you do that and all I have to say is I was crazy and fun.
From Marissa Banks:
Dear Karen,
Such a beautiful soul that touched many others. Everytime I walk into the Sprouts building I will hear your contagious laugh. I will see your smile that lit up my day. I will hear your random singing. You are always so motherly to me and treated me as if I was your own child. We bonded over being a daddy’s girl and you helped me when my dad was away and I will forever be grateful for the way you touched my heart.
From Ulla Seckler:
I can still hear your voice, Karen. Walking up to my sample table with that little singsong about my name: “Oolah, Oolah, Oolah! Normally I hate it when people do that to my name. But not with you. Always encouraging me: “Ulla, you are doing such a beautiful job!” It meant a lot to me, being a newcomer to the grocery business. A lot of people eyed me suspiciously. What does she want here With that fancy college degree. That foreign accent.
Thank you, Karen for accepting me. Never judging me for my background or lack of experience.
We shared a lot of tough and happy moments. I won’t forget you leaving a little row of cherry shaped vegan gummies on my sample table.
You were so kind and giving. A mother to anyone who needed mothering. Or a sister to folks who needed sistering. Is that even a word in English
You will be missed by many. You created a hole bigger than those doors in our hearts. It’s so hard to let you go.
Much love,
Your German sister, Ulla

From Ulla Seckler:
Dear Karen,
I am still in shock. I still can’t believe it. It’s so surreal. Like most people in the store, I feel numb. You were such a big part of 308. To think that we will never see you walk through those Sprout’s doors again with those pink sneakers. That tall beautiful woman with the steely blue eyes.
That little store. I know it meant so much to you. And you meant so much to the people in it. You were an integral part of that organization. I believe the ripples of your loss will be felt for a very long time.
Where the heck did you go, Karen Why did you leave us The little Sprouties you coached and loved so much are feeling quite lost at the moment. I want to yell at you. Like you yelled at me that one day. “Why didn’t you come to work yesterday, Ulla Where were you” “Hey, Karen. It was a planned day off. You approved it.” You wouldn’t listen. You were a force of nature. Unstoppable. Tough as nails.
From Wendy Thurston (HS classmate):
Sending my sympathy and love to Karen’s family. I’m sorry for your loss of a beautiful daughter, sister, mother and grandmother.
From Claire Griggs:

For the past year or so that we worked together, I came to know you as both a friend and a mentor. You taught me so much about Sprouts and life in general. We had many laughs along the way and I will cherish the memories we made together forever. You called me your little chicken because you took me under your wing, and my confidence soared because of the guidance and care you gave me.

I will miss you always and am thinking of your family and loved ones during this journey. I hope to see you again, sweet Karen.

Love, Claire :)
From Lesli Asson O’Neill:
My heart is broken! Karen was my good friend in high school and at Idaho State. What a presence! What a character! She will be remembered by me as such a fun, kind-hearted, full-of-life friend! She had such a desire to love life. We lost close touch after ‘adulthood’ took us to different parts of the country, but tried to stay linked through social media and our class reunions.

Rest in peace, my sweet friend—until we meet again at the feet of the cross!
From Lanyon C Chavez:
I just want to say Karen was my best friend. She was there when I needed help. She did it because she loved me. I'll miss her so much. I'll miss her getting lost trying to drive to my house. Even when she has GPS. I'll miss her coming to work each morning saying, "Good morning." Work will never be the same without Her. I love her and I WILL MISS HER FOREVER. SHE WAS MY BEST FRIEND. GOD HOLD HER IN YOUR HANDS. I'll see you again love. God bless.
From Gracie:
With a heavy heart, and utmost sympathy, I wish nothing but comfort, peace, and strength to Karen’s family, friends, and Sprouts family during this time. Karen was, and will continue to be known as an incredibly hardworking, fearless, loving, resilient, and caring woman. I thank Karen for everything she taught me during my previous years at Sprouts with her. She wasn’t just a manager; she was a friend, a counselor, a mother, a teacher, and so much more.

As the world mourns your loss, may your soul find eternal peace. Rest in happiness, Karen.
From Steve Hansen:
Shocked and saddened by the passing of Karen our thoughts and prayers are with the family.
From Deanne Coffman:
There are no words to express how Karen’s family must be feeling right now. If I can offer any condolences at this time, it would be that I only knew her for about 18 months in my very short time as a Part Time Vitamin Clerk at Sprouts Market in Greeley. During my short time, I was able to note the following. Karen was fiercely protective of her staff, especially her cashiers. The more I got to know her and develop a friendship with her, it was apparent that she was a force to be reckoned with. I was very privileged to learn about the industry from her and to share my outside life with her as a 3rd grade teacher. She was incredibly encouraging and when I came up against some conflict in my “day job”, she was absolutely full of compliments and so incredibly helpful. She always had a very special place in her heart for my son who has Down Syndrome. He called her “my friend” and was always so happy to see her when we shopped in the store. May perpetual light shine upon her.
From Kellie "Lisa" Montano. :
My sweet Karen,

For almost the past year, I got to know you and be around you at work. We shared so many stories together about our Mom's, your Dad, and my kids. I will miss your laughter, your random singing, you scaring me/me scaring you and most of all you calling me Lisa. You were quite an extraordinary person and I'm gonna miss you so much. It's amazing how one person can impact your life in just a short amount of time. That just tells you what kind of person you were. Fly high Miss Karen, and maybe just maybe you will meet my Mama and share stories. My heart goes out to her family, her dog, and her amazing Sprouts family. Until we meet again Karen....thank you for coming into my life. I will forever be your Lisa.
From Margaret Fulks:
Sending my prayer that your sadness at Karen's passing can become a celebration of her life. Best Regards to all the family.

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